About Us

We were always amazed at how people choose the person to sell what is usually their biggest asset.

Sometimes they would ask someone who sold a house recently, or they would just open the yellow pages and pick the first Real Estate Agent they saw.

This, upon further reflection must seem somewhat strange as a good agent is likely to  get you that top dollar you are asking for whilst a not so good agent may just be motivated by the sale. Either way, with such a large asset at stake one should choose wisely, hence:  [url]

We have personally worked with each agent in this site. We have listed them because we want to give the average New Zealander a starting point that may have more relevance than just blind luck.

All the agents listed on our site are, as the name suggests licensed real estate agents and are advertised as such. We make not claims as to their abilities or accept any liability with regards to what will ultimately be entirely your decision on which agent you choose. The site is merely intended as a good starting point, along your journey to what we hope will lead to you finding the best agent to sell your property.

Good Luck.